Integrated Planning

Tetra Tech CSO understands the rules, regulations and science behind wastewater and wet weather control in urban areas and has applied them effectively in the United States, Canada and France. Through various projects, our team has applied effective methods and developed alternative solutions to address overflow control as well as flood control within comprehensive wastewater and stormwater master plans.

The team distinguishes itself in the development of unique wet weather programs that go beyond traditional storage and conveyance solutions by using a more integrated approach that considers source controls, green infrastructure and end of pipe treatments. We also address the integration of the operation of collection system and treatment plants through dynamic flow management.  Specifically, our team brings value-added expertise in optimizing the sizing and cost of alternatives.

Now more than ever, there is a growing importance towards holistic wet weather solutions that strive to ensure that all teams and components within a system work together. Tetra Tech CSO can accompany your organization from planning to system integration to cater to your specific needs, which may include:

  • Project in support of economic development: Development of key pollution control projects that can enhance the environment as well as support urban and economic development;
  • Capital planning and management: Specific streamlined process to integrate regulatory requirements, water quality impact, public consultation, and regulatory negotiations;
  • Long term control plan or master plan development: Applying Tetra Tech CSO’s extensive experience and innovations in modeling, hydraulic analysis and system optimization for the development of both wastewater and stormwater master plans to address wet weather and growth issues.

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