Hydraulic Analysis and Design

Tetra Tech CSO has been commissioned to perform a wide variety of hydraulic analyses and design studies for sewer and stormwater systems pertaining to system and operation optimization, inflow and infiltration analyses, flooding diagnostics, sanitary sewer evaluation studies, facility assessment, overflow control (CSO and SSO), level of services, green infrastructure, site and subdivision planning, drainage evaluation, and flood mapping. 

Our specialized hydraulic services include: 

  • Functional and operational diagnosis of facilities;
  • System and flow management optimization;
  • Sewer and storm pipe, storage and special structure design;
  • Level of service evaluations and interventions;
  • Development of temporary and permanent monitoring campaigns;
  • Overflow and flooding control solutions;
  • Legal opinions regarding flooding and sewer back-ups;
  • Assessment of the environmental impact on receiving water courses;
  • Sustainable development involving new technologies, green infrastructures and climate changes.

Key Contact

Diana Tao

Director of Business Development
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Toll Free: 877-292-5100