Real Time Control Implementation

Tetra Tech CSO offers a full range of services for implementing RTC projects for wastewater and stormwater systems, from start-up and commission to performance review after installation. Through nine successful RTC implementations, our team has consistently shown that we can meet and exceed our clients' objectives.

Our multi-disciplinary capabilities and extensive RTC experience enable us to deliver practical solutions in accordance with operational and maintenance constraints to address the various issues we encounter with control systems, such as:

  • Maintaining optimal pumping capacity ranges for multiple pumping units and drives;
  • Power consumption optimization;
  • Fail safe operational logics;
  • Alleviating gates and actuators hunting/instabilities;
  • Ensuring reliability and accuracy for process monitoring;
  • Data historian management and reporting;
  • Effective maintenance planning.

Our key services for RTC implementation include:

  • Testing of control strategies and rules;
  • Programming of control systems (SCADA, PLC/RTU/DCS, HMI/Historians);
  • Programming and start-up of pumping stations, including multiple ON/OFF and variable speed drive units, based on level or flow control;
  • Integration of regulating gate structures and other control facilities and devices;
  • Analysis and resolution of operations and maintenance issues;
  • Improvement of the controlled processes without being disruptive to operation;
  • Implementation of decision support systems at local and central stations;
  • Configuration and integration of Csoft® into client’s existing SCADA or DCS infrastructures for global and optimal RTC system implementations;
  • RTC performance follow-up, reporting and review, training, and support;
  • Post-implementation assistance and support services;

Key Contact

Diana Tao

Director of Business Development
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Toll Free: 877-292-5100

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