Automation, Instrumentation and Control

Tetra Tech CSO offers full engineering services to complete complex engineering, procurement and construction management projects related to instrumentation and control (I&C) and integrated automation. Our specialized I&C engineers and technicians have extensive experience in both municipal and industrial applications pertaining to design, specifications, programming, system integration of process control systems (PCS), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems using different architecture such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), remote terminal unit (RTU), distributed control systems (DCS), local operator interface, and centralized data acquisition systems (such as PI, iHistorian, InSQL, etc.). The team plays an integral role in the implementation of real time control projects. Our team is also proficient with the development, execution and supervision of simple and complex flow monitoring programs that can include rain gauges, level and flow meters, inclinometers and overflow detection. All team members have up-to-date health and safety training for confined space entry.

The combined expertise of our team allows us to effectively carry out a wide range of services, including:


  • Design of control system, including field instruments selection, control panel design, and control system architecture;
  • Field investigation and surveys;
  • Technologies review and bench-marking;
  • Assessment of existing instrumentation and control systems;
  • Production of complete issue-for-tender/construction packages, including drawings, P&IDs, specifications, and all supporting documentation;
  • Development of control strategies, sequence of operation and process control narratives;
  • Programming of PLC/RTU/DCS;
  • HMI/SCADA system development and implementation;
  • Telemetry, networking and information technology.


  • Bid evaluation, submittals review and contractor coordination;
  • Construction management, procurement and on-site management (resident and non-resident) of I&C including inventory tracking, field calibration and issuing to the contractors.


  • Commissioning and start-up support including field validation, pre-operational testing (I/O checkout), start-up procedures,functional acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance testing (SAT);
  • Testing and field implementation of closed-loop control;
  • Post-construction system support, including review and resolution of operational and maintenance issues;
  • Optimization and troubleshooting of control loop, including calibration and tuning;
  • Performance review after control system installation;
  • Documentation &manuals (O&M manuals, SOP);
  • Remote monitoring, assistance and support during and after commissioning;
  • Training of staff (class room and field training).

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