Intelligent CSO Control: Results of the First Two Years of Operation in Louisville, Kentucky

Written by Angela Akridge, PE, Diana Qing Tao, M.Eng

Collection Systems – May 2008

InfoWorks CS has been used to evaluate the potential of Real Time Control (RTC) to meet complex pollution control requirements for wastewater systems in two cities - Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and Bordeaux in France.

Tetra Tech CSO, which undertook both projects, is a consulting company that works mainly in North America but also has interests in Europe. The firm is the world leader in collection system optimization, dedicated to providing wet weather management technologies and tools that help wastewater utilities to achieve operational, environmental and financial goals. Experience suggests that older cities, in North America as well as Europe, are facing challenges in meeting the increasingly strict requirements of environmental legislation, but have to work within a restricted budget to deal with combined sewer overflows and capacity issues within their wastewater systems.

The LMSD entered into a Federal consent decree in August 2005 regarding SSOs and CSOs. Efforts are currently underway to produce a final Sanitary Sewer Discharge Plan (SSDP) and the Long Term Control Plan. Based on the performance results of the first year of operation, GOP RTC will remain the base strategy in the LTCP and may be incorporated into the SSDP. 

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