Water Systems Data Visualization

Recognizing a clear need to extend its engineering services based on its client objectives, Tetra Tech CSO developed HydroWeb, a robust, web-based data visualization application for real‑ and non-real-time monitoring of water systems operations. By linking various types of operational and hydraulic data within the web-based GIS interface, HydroWeb complements the capabilities of existing data management systems by providing its users with an efficient way to visualize several different combinations of data based on targeted objectives. HydroWeb provides you with the interface and tools to:

  • Remotely and continuously supervise the operation of water systems;
  • Improve operational procedures and performance through supervision or offline analysis;
  • Improve data interpretation for better operation of facilities;
  • Analyze the performance of the water systems.

Wastewater facility supervisors and engineers can use HydroWeb to better operate their systems by selecting and viewing different combinations of data layers such as collection system flows, sewer overflows, and radar rainfall forecasts, all on an attractive geographic backdrop, and all in real time.

Since the HydroWeb interface is web-based, authorised users can access the application through any computer with internet access without the need to install software or to purchase licences. This provides broader access to data that would normally only be accessible to certain specialised users of the historian or SCADA.  It is this flexibility that makes HydroWeb an excellent tool for such a wide variety of users, from wastewater operators and engineering analysts, to decision-makers and the public.

Key Features:

  • Fully customizable and scalable;
  • Easy and secured access to data and reports;
  • Integrates advanced web-based GIS technology;
  • Integrates advanced dynamic web-based graphical display of time series data;
  • Accesses SCADA data and is compatible with other data management tools;
  • Local deployment or remote hosting;
  • Proactive maintenance, analysis and archiving of historical data.

Available Data Visualization:

  • Rainfall:
    • Radar forecasts through dynamic GIS layers;
    • Location and real-time status of rain gauges;
    • Historical rainfall data analysis (includes statistical characterisation in relation with local intensity duration frequency (IDF) analysis).
  • Wastewater:
    • Flow and/or level at different strategic locations in the collection system and plant;
    • Recent historical conditions and forecasted conditions (provided by model or instruments);
    • Real time video feeds (webcam) from strategic locations.
  • Surface Water:
    • Flow and/or level at different strategic locations in the rivers, creeks, and lakes;
    • Real time video feeds (webcam) from strategic locations.

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Director of Business Development
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