Wastewater Operation Support and Overflow Control

Tetra Tech CSO has invested over $10 million in R&D on control and optimization solutions with a dedicated, specialized engineering and software development team. Intelligent Control provides you with the right technologies to address your challenges:

  • Efficiently control and reduce overflows;
  • Monitor and improve operator and system performance;
  • Maximize the use of existing facilities before investing in new infrastructure;
  • Forecast the impacts of wet weather events and reduce the risk of flooding;
  • Better manage the multitude of components within the system, particularly during equipment failures, maintenance, etc.;
  • Peak shaving of inflows reaching the treatment plant.

Intelligent Control uses Csoft® to provide the complete range of real time control strategies that ensure the long-term and efficient operation of your wastewater and stormwater systems.

Developed in-house, Csoft is a model-based decision support system that makes use of an optimization process and hydraulic model simulations to determine the best flow set points at different local control stations to respect the objectives and constraints.

Csoft is the only commercial software that constitutes a complete application for a centralized and automated control of multiple flow regulation in a wastewater collection system under a global optimal approach.

The progress and evolution of Csoft itself is directly linked to the intelligent control solution that our team has developed and implemented over the past twenty years through various projects. With each successive project, our team was able to adapt and tailor Csoft for our clients’ specific needs and thus allowing us to further develop new features. Csoft has matured to include several additional modules that can be used independently or collectively to suit the particular objectives of a project.

Key Features:

  • Real time control: the Intelligent Control system can manage all levels of real time control, from local reactive control to coordinated system-wide control, with or without rainfall prediction.
  • Decision support system: Csoft suggests operation strategy and flow control set points to operators via a human-machine interface (HMI).
  • System optimization: Csoft calculates the optimal operating set points for independent facilities every 5 minutes in real time (i.e. pump stations, sluice gates, and storage facilities) based on flow predictions and actual field data (rainfall, water levels, flow, and regulator status).
  • Management of downgraded operation modes: the system adapts in real time to the loss of capacity due to operational or maintenance issues, as well as planned or unforeseen situations.
  • Seamless system integration: we support system integration with various technologies for monitoring, such as SCADA and DCS systems, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software, and other data management or display software.
  • Scalability: the system is designed for the addition of new control sites and changes of operational strategy and priority.
  • Reliability: the system incorporates fail-safe design, respects hydraulic and operational constraints to help keep operating conditions safe, and gives priority to the protection of more sensitive areas.
  • Operation standardization: the system can control the various independent facilities from the central station in both dry and wet weather to provide uniform operational results.
  • Simulation and evaluation: Csoft can be applied to evaluate the full range of RTC approaches and strategies (i.e. from local reactive control to predictive global optimal RTC, along with all intermediate stages of extended control, expert systems, etc.).

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