Online Data Management and Overflow Reporting

When looking for efficient management of large amounts of monitoring and simulation time series data, Tetra Tech CSO has the solutions to help you get the most useful information out of your data, from supporting operations in real time, assisting engineering with post event analyses, to automated reporting to meet regulatory compliance.

Online data presentations offer simultaneous comparison of monitoring and simulated data in real time, incorporating rainfall forecasting and flow trending, and feature GIS referencing and extensive graphic and statistic capabilities. Our solutions can be configured to address your specific challenges:

  • Provide automated data analysis for accurate detection and estimation of overflows (location, frequency and volume);
  • Understand the types of rainfall occurring and what the historical and future trends are;
  • Customize online reporting tools for various stakeholders.

Key Features

  • Data validation: Based on configurable algorithms;
  • Data completion: Various strategies to manage missing data;
  • Real-time modeling: Real-time hydrologic and hydraulic model simulation of system conditions for operational decision support and overflow estimation;
  • Real-time data analysis: Simple to complex, local to centralized, real-time data calculations for operational support and system analysis;
  • Data display: Configurable in graphic and table forms, such as rainfall time series and statistics, current and fore casted hydraulic conditions, performance metrics, and public notification;
  • Alarm triggering: Generates warnings and alerts when the specified programmed criteria is met;
  • Web application: Integrating GIS and extensive graphics capabilities, allowing for efficient real‑time supervision and offline analysis.

Key Contact

Diana Tao

Director of Business Development
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