Infrastructure Asset Visualization

Tech Tech CSO’s ContexVTM provides a complete, systematic and compelling way of documenting and sharing your asset information, from condition inspections, systematic tracking of structural degradation, call for tenders, support for design, planning and coordination to construction management, off-site training for remote or restricted access areas, and establishing contractor liability. It integrates advanced virtual reality photography and geographic information system technologies to support multiple engineering needs related to the infrastructure, building, industry, and energy fields.

ContexV™ provides the tools and answers you need to address your challenges:

  • Effectively track the conditions of infrastructure assets over the years;
  • Safely share asset information with the consultant and contractors;
  • Ensure that contractors are liable for damages during construction.

Key Features:

  • Virtual tour: High quality photographic virtual reality for 360o visualization and zoom;
  • Automated image processing: Photo stitching, HDRi compilation, tiling, and previewing;
  • GIS support: Multiple maps and layers with an automated process to incorporate GIS coordinates, angular references, and other important referencing information;
  • Tim and location reference: Display of infrastructure conditions with both location and time reference;
  • Easy implementation: Use “off the shelf” photographic material (ex. camera, tripod, tripod head);
  • Customization: Reference to clients’ specific requirements and existing procedures;
  • Ergonomic interface: Navigation panes have synchronized viewing;
  • Secured Web portal: Eefficient and safe sharing of project and asset information with multiple stakeholders.

Key Contact

Diana Tao

Director of Business Development
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514-257-2427 Ext: 3306
Toll Free: 877-292-5100

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