When it comes to the development of cost-effective solutions, Tetra Tech CSO has consistently been on the forefront of innovations, leveraging extensive experiences from our specialized services and our team of skilled engineering and IT design professionals. We have taken a creative approach to solving complex problems by developing a suite of software and optimization solutions that can be customized and configured to meet our client’s specific needs and objectives.

Wastewater Operation Support and Overflow Control


Tetra Tech CSO has invested over $10 million in R&D on control and optimization solutions with a dedicated, specialized engineering and software development team.

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Online Data Management and Overflow Reporting

When looking for efficient management of large amounts of monitoring and simulation time series data, Tetra Tech CSO has the solutions to help you get the most useful information out of your data, from supporting operations in real time, assisting engineering with post event analyses, to automated reporting to meet regulatory compliance.

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Water Systems Data Visualization

Recognizing a clear need to extend its engineering services based on its client objectives, Tetra Tech CSO developed Hydro Web, a robust, web-based data visualization application for real-time and non-real-time monitoring of water systems operations.

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Infrastructure Asset Visualization

Tech Tech CSO’s ContexVTM provides a complete, systematic and compelling way of documenting and sharing your asset information, from condition inspections, systematic tracking of structural degradation, call for tenders, support for design, planning and coordination to construction management, off-site training for remote or restricted access area, and establishing contractor liability.

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