Luc Robitaille

Mr. Robitaille is a technical expert in instrumentation and control (I&C) systems, and specializes in the design and implementation of real-time control (RTC) systems.

As Project Manager, he has participated in the preparation of design studies and is the lead in the design and commissioning of RTC systems for wastewater management, pollution and flood controls on both local and international levels. In addition, Luc has hands-on experience with programming, start-up and integration of SCADA systems applied to dynamic flow control structures and RTC implementation scheme making use of automated gates for flow regulation, and storage (in-line or off-line). His extensive knowledge involves the application of flow control rules based on local and system-wide applications, reactive and predictive capabilities, water level and flow settings as well as the required control processes, fail-safe and alarms to deliver a robust and reliable system. Luc is particularly experienced at applying fail-safe devices and design features as integral part of good engineering practice as well as complementary elements of a system that includes redundant instrumentation and/or technologies that increase the reliability of a given function. Some noticeable projects include:

  • Control command rules review for the RTC#4 and RTC#6 sites for the City of Edmonton ($56K);
  • CSO LTCP - Optimization of the Sewer Network Using Real Time Control for Wilmington, DE ($13M);
  • Design and Implementation of an RTC System to Minimize CSOs for Quebec City, QC ($154M);
  • Integration of Real Time Control for Flood and Pollution Control in Wet Weather for the Urban Community of Bordeaux, France ($7.5M Euro);
  • Concept Study for the Evaluation and Planning of a Real Time Control System applied to the Wastewater Network and SCADA System for the Metropolitan District, Hartford, CT ($450k).


  • ROBITAILLE, L., LENNON, B., TAO, D. (2013) Wilmington’s LTCP Story: Proven Track Record of Addressing CSOs, WEF Collection Systems, June 8-12, 2013, Sacramento, California.
  • ROBITAILLE, L., COLAS, H., CHARRON, A., MARCOUX, M., LAVERDIÈRE, M., LESSARD, D. (2005) Application of Real Time Control for CSO and SSO Abatement: Lessons Learned from Six Years of Operation in Quebec City, World Water & Environmental Resources Congress, May 15-19, 2005, Anchorage, Alaska.

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