Louisville, Kentucky

“I have enjoyed working with Tetra Tech on the MSD’s RTC system. Tetra Tech is quick to respond to my questions and needs related to the O&M of the local control sites and the central system.

We work collaboratively to find an appropriate solution.”

Marc Thomas, Operations Controls Manager for Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District

“Tetra Tech has been a great partner with Louisville MSD implementing RTC program optimization.  We have found Tetra Tech to be responsive to the needs of Louisville MSD and the RTC program and they deliver quality work in a timely fashion.”

John Loechle, Infrastructure Manager for Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District

"Real Time Control (RTC) is an important component of MSD's long term plan to mitigate untreated combined sewer overflows into Beargrass Creek and the Ohio River.  It is a cost effective management strategy to help sustain the resources of our community."

Angela Akridge, Chief Engineer of the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District


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