Quebec City’s Lorette River Watershed Stormwater Management Master Plan

Stormwater master plan for the Lorette River, Jean-Lesage International Airport and Val-Bélair sectors.

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Montreal Hydraulic Analysis and Sewer Network Studies

Providing on-demand services related to the diagnosis and design of urban drainage systems.

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Montreal CSO Planning, Design and Implementation of Integrated Control of City Interceptors

Improved control of the large interceptor tunnels for safer and more efficient operation.

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Modification of Command Rules at the Edmonton RTC#4 and RTC#6 Sites

Innovations to resolve persistent operational issues without infrastructure changes

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Inspection of Montreal’s Highway 30 Infrastructure Using ContexV

Innovative geo-referenced asset management tool providing high quality inspections

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Hamilton City-wide Detailed Mike Urban Model Development

Developing a single all-pipes Mike Urban™model of the sanitary, combined and storm systems of the City of Hamilton.

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Evaluation of Control Improvements to Tulsa’s Northside Flow Equalization Basins

Improving the wet weather performance and benefits of the flow equalization basins (FEBs).

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Development of a Winnipeg Real-time CSO Detection and Reporting Tool

Detecting and reporting CSOs as part of the comprehensive CSO monitoring program

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CSO Planning, Design and Implementation of Storage Facilities and a RTC System to Minimize CSOs in Quebec City

The implementation of a centralized RTC system and construction of 16 storage structures.

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CSO Control Plan – Optimization of the Wilmington Sewer Network using Real Time Control

Designing and implementing a new SCADA and centralized real time control system

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