San Francisco System Wide Controls and Operation Assessments

The Wastewater Enterprise (WWE) of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) requested a study to identify potential operational improvements and control opportunities for the Bayside and Westside combined sewer systems and facilities.

The study focused on the improvement and standardization of wet weather operations and the assessment of resulting benefits for existing facilities.

The project team conducted a detailed review and analysis of flow management and operations through the review of operational data, documentation and hydraulics. Following that review, a series of four staff interview workshops were held with the WWE to gather information on system operation, planning and management. After these workshops, an analysis was performed on the configuration and hydraulic capacities of the various major facilities and the characteristics of the current instrumentation and controls. Next, improvements to the systems and their operation were identified and some of the control opportunities were assessed through hydraulic simulations using the InfoWorks model maintained by the SFPUC.

Tetra Tech CSO provided the technical lead for the operational assessment, hydraulic analysis and real time control modeling to identify and evaluate the opportunities in flow management to optimize operations during wet weather events, increase the utilization of the storage facilities, reduce combined sewer discharges at specific sites, and maximize pollutants removal by increasing the amount of wet weather flows that receive full treatment.


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