Atlanta Distribution Network Water Supply Instrumentation and Control Upgrade

The Atlanta water distribution network consists of a main network totaling more than 4,000 km and two treatment plants producing 192.5 MGD of drinking water. With the increasing demand for water production and distribution, the instrumentation and control components of the existing operation system needed an upgrade in order to improve operational and management efficiency, as well as to protect and improve water quality.

United Water Services Atlanta commissioned Tetra Tech CSO to update the management, control and infrastructure operation system. The work included:

  • Integration with existing systems, such as Allen-Bradley and Bailey;
  • A survey of the existing system (dating from the 1920's to the 1940's);
  • Commissioning in phases in order to rapidly minimize operation costs and avoid operation shut downs;
  • A telecommunications system integrating radio, wired and fiber optic technologies;
  • Two treatment plants and 62 data acquisition sites in the water distribution system;
  • More than 5,000 input/output points;
  • A central control and supervision room for the entire system;
  • Redundant PLC MODICON Quantum Systems;
  • Intellution iFIX operational interfaces on Windows NT;
  • A TCP/IP Ethernet network (100Mbps);
  • Integration of remote access technologies and web servers.

Key Contact

Diana Tao

Director of Business Development
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