Winnipeg South End Water Pollution Control Centre Service Boundary Inflow/Infiltration and Cross-connection Study

Quantifying infiltration and inflow and recommending solutions to reduce system expansion.

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Wilmington Detailed City-wide Model Development

Assistance with the adaptive management of the City’s Long Term Control Plan.

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Toronto’s Don and Waterfront Trunk Sewers and CSO Control Strategy Class Environmental Assessment Project

This goal of this complex project is the eventual delisting of the Don River and Inner Harbour as a polluted Great Lakes Area of Concern.

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The Winnipeg Combined Sewer Overflow Outfall Monitoring Program (Phases 1 to 4)

Implementation of a city-wide, comprehensive centralized CSO outfall monitoring program.

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Survey of Montreal Subway Stations Using ContexV

Innovative geo-referenced asset management tool providing high quality surveys.

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Study, Design, and Deployment of a Management Support Tool to Control the Effluents of the SIAAP in Paris

A real time operational decision support system manages the complex wastewater network in Paris, France.

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San Francisco System Wide Controls and Operation Assessments

Operational and hydraulic assessment of system controls for the Bayside and Westside combined sewer systems and facilities.

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Renovation of Quebec City’s Saint Laurent Pumping Station

Major renovation and energy optimization of a large pump station for water supply.

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Real Time Control and Regulator Updates Program for Ottawa CSO Control

Award winning CSO control project using local reactive control.

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