June 2013

Tetra Tech CSO will present two papers at the WEF Collection Systems Conference, June 8-12, 2013. The first paper is Wilmington’s LTCP Story: Proven Track Record of Addressing CSOs, which discusses the City of Wilmington’s development of a series of increasingly improved long term control plans. Their approach to addressing combined sewer overflow control and total maximum daily requirements is to keep their focus on key project implementations and performance monitoring, which has led to considerable progress in reducing pollution. To read more about this presentation, click here.

The second paper is entitled Simulate Your Way out of a Difficult Real Time Control Problem: Automatically Controlling Gates to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows.To resolve operational issues, such as process instability and excessive gate movements seen at the City of Edmonton real time control site RTC#4, an external MATLAB® simulator was developed to allow for off-site testing and development of a stable control solution that would account for all of the equipment specifications and on-site configurations. For more information about this paper, click here.


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