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Tetra Tech CSO is a leader in control and system optimization, dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions, specialized services and management tools that help public and private utilities achieve operational, environmental and financial goals.


CSO Control Plan – Optimization of the Wilmington Sewer Network using Real Time Control

Designing and implementing a new SCADA and centralized real time control system

Bordeaux’s Integration of Real Time Control for Flood and Pollution Control in Wet Weather

Integration of real time control and production of a master plan.

The Winnipeg Combined Sewer Overflow Outfall Monitoring Program (Phases 1 to 4)

Implementation of a city-wide, comprehensive centralized CSO outfall monitoring program.


Bordeaux, France

“Tetra Tech has brought us true technical and operational expertise for the implementation of a real time control system to manage urban effluents in wet weather in the Metropolitan Bordeaux area.

Wilmington, Delaware

“Real time control is a critical component to the City’s Long Term Control Plan to address CSOs and protect Wilmington’s waterways. Over the years, Tetra Tech has worked closely with our staff and City operator in meeting our objectives.

Louisville, Kentucky

“I have enjoyed working with Tetra Tech on the MSD’s RTC system. Tetra Tech is quick to respond to my questions and needs related to the O&M of the local control sites and the central system.

Tetra Tech CSO Experts

Martin Pleau

Mr. Pleau holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering with a specialization in process control.

Luc Robitaille

Mr. Robitaille is a technical expert in instrumentation and control (I&C) systems, and specializes in the design and implementation of real-time control (RTC) systems.

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